www.citapreviadirecta.com is a web portal with a directory of companies that have subscribed the www.citapreviadirecta.com service

From the directory the user can select the city and sector he’s interested in and find companies where to book a real-time appointment.

In www.citapreviadirecta.com you can find a number of sectors such as garages, dentists, doctors, beauty parlors, hairdressers, physiotherapy, restaurants, attorneys, etc. thus the user can reach a wide range of services through the web, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Additionally, you have shortcuts to Agencies and Public Administration (Social Security, DNI, MOT test, Civil Registry, Councils…) with appointment service, so www.citapreviadirecta.com is the only Internet portal with direct access to national real-time appointment booking.

Companies with the www.citapreviadirecta.com service get the added value of lead generation for their business.

The company that subscribes to our service has an exclusive customized access with their corporate image from their own web site so their customers can make an appointment from the company’s corporate site.

Therefore with both options it can increase the customer loyalty with an innovative service from the company corporate site and it can attract new potential customers from the www.citapreviadirecta.com directory

Does my computer need to be switched on all the time?
It is not necessary. You only need to check your daily appointments as often as you want.
Do I need to be always mindful of my agenda?
You don’t need to. Every time an appointment is booked you’ll get an e-mail message and, if you want, a SMS.
How you I configure my agenda?
The company has exclusive access to an application that allows configuring agenda and availability, being able to see real-time appointments being made from the Internet. Furthermore, you can check your agenda and edit it anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.
What can I configure?
The tool allows configuring the services offered by the company to its customers, assigning them a completion time. You can configure the existing services and equipment to make each job.
How can the customer ask for an appointment with a specific person?
When configuring the agenda, we create the services and stuff or equipment that provide them. That’s the place where we can decide whether customers are allows to choose a professional.
Can professionals check their agenda?
Exactly, when you create the professionals assigned to a service, a username and password combination is enabled for them so they can access from anywhere with Internet access and check their agenda real-time.
How do I configure the agenda?
Once defined the company services and equipment, you configure the calendar with timetables. The application allows adding exceptions, festive days, holidays, calendar locks, etc.
Professionals themselves can also add exceptions and availability locks in their personal agenda.
Can it be used as the company’s sole agenda?
Of course, it’s a comprehensive agenda that allows to see real-time availability and booked appointments. It allows changing or cancelling existing appointments as well as creating new ones in the available time slots.
Does it offer customer signup?
You can create new customers form the private configurator, with two goals in mind
  • Having your customers already registered so you’re able to make an appointment with re-entering all the details.
  • Handling your customer a username and password so he doesn’t need to enter his details every time he make an appointment.
Can anonymous users make appointments?
Whether it’s allowed or not is left to company’s discretion
  • Registered users only when customer enters the site to book an appointment he’ll be prompted for username and password—anonymous users cannot use the site
  • User with DNIe DNIe authentication is required, so the customer that makes the appointment is identified in a secure way and does not need to be listed in the database
  • Anonymous user anyone who enters the site is allowed to make an appointment
What details are anonymous users asked for?
It depends on the company’s sector but main mandatory fields include name, phone, mobile phone and e-mail.
Is there any reminder mechanism?
Yes, there is. The application is integrated with an automatic e-mail delivery service that sends reminders to customers before the appointment.
Can I batch-cancel appointments?
Yes, you can. For contingencies or absence of a professional, the application allows to select a day and professional in order to cancel all matching appointments and send an e-mail message to inform customers, eliminating the burden of manual phone notification to affected people.
How does it integrate with my current software?
The agenda integrates with all calendar standards. The appointments booked at CITAPREVIADIRECTA can be check instantly in my Outlook agenda, Google Calendar or even from my iPhone or mobile device.
We can integrate with custom management software in a case by case basis and after prior analysis.