It's not a fad, it's a service than enhanced my quality of life

03 What does it offer is an on-line appointment service that companies make available to their customers


Offer your customers the possibility of booking an on-line appointment against your calendar and real-time availability.

Your customers can book an appointment any time of the day via Internet and the company receives the appointment instantly.

  • Innovative service, adapted to new customer requirements
  • Using tools increasingly being used by large companies and Public Administration (Social Security Appointments, DNI, Civil Registration, Town Halls, etc.)
  • Real-time appointment booking in less than 1 minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Appointment platform deployment in corporate site
  • Don't lose appointments due to missed or out of open hours calls
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Lead generation from our directory of companies with appointment service
Attract new customers from our appointment-ready company directory
  • Customers book their appointment without staff help
  • You can check your on-line agenda evolution anywhere with Internet access
  • Remind your customers about their appointment automatically via e-mail and/or SMS
  • Automatic appointment validation to avoid absentism and fake appointments
  • Manage your agenda easily
  • Synch all your agendas automatically
  • Personal agenda for each member of staff
  • Check your agenda from home anytime
  • Deployment, configuration and training in less than 1 hour


Would you like to know where to get a haircut within half an hour in a near HAIRDRESSER, or what GARAGE can change your tires, oil or car window, or what DENTIST, PAEDIATRICIAN, MASSEUR, PODOLOGIST, etc. can help you...?

Would you like to book an appointment with your DOCTOR, BEAUTY parlor, garage or other service from home at 9 p.m. in three steps and choosing the date and time that suits you best and has company availability...?

  • Book an appointment in less than 1 minute
  • No calls or waitin
  • Choose the date and time that suits you best at your own pace
  • Real-time company availability
  • Instant appointment confirmation
  • E-mail and SMS appointment reminder
  • Find companies by sector or by availability in a given date and time
  • Possibility to edit or cancel the appointment
  • Access by location and sector to companies with appointment service
  • Single portal to find companies and Public Administration service with on-line appointment service